Accepted Papers

A list of papers accepted for the workshop and which will appear in the SCAM2001 proceedings (can be found on the SCAM website). (It should appear below if you are reading the on-line version of this document).

Title Author
A Case Study in Detecting Software Security Vulnerabilities using Constraint Optimisation Micheale Weber, Viren Shah, Chris Ren
A Hybrid Program Slicing Framework Juergen Rilling, Bhaskar Karanth
A Source Level Optimisation Technique to Improve Cache Exploitation in Embedded Systems S. Bartolini, C. A. Prete
A source-to-source compiler for generating dependable software Massimo Violante
Analysis and Manipulation of Distributed Multi-Language Software Code L. Deruelle, N. Melab, M. Bouneffa, H. Basson
Application Maintenance using Software Agents Amit Sharma, Miriam A. M. Capretz
Detecting Dead Statements for Concurrent Programs Z.Chen, B. Xu, H. Yang
Finding Code on the World Wide Web: A Preliminary Investigation James M. Bieman, Vanessa Murdock
Flow Insensitive Points-to Sets David Binkley, Genevieve Rosay, Tim Teitelbaum, Paul Anderson
Identifying Clones in the Linux Kernel G. Casazza, G. Antoniol, U. Villano, E.Merlo, M. Di Penta
Jmangler -- A Framework for Load-Time Transformation of Java Class Files Gunter Kniesel, Pascal Costanza, Micheal Austermann
Library Transformations Sibylle Schupp, Douglas Gregor, David Musser, Shin-Ming Liu
Measurement and Analysis of Runtime Profiling Data for Java Programs Jane Horgan, James Power, John Waldron
Preserving the Documentary Structure of Source Code in Language-based Transformation Tools Micheal L., Van De Vanter
Restructuring Web Application via Transformation Rules Filippo Ricca, Paolo Tonella, Ira D. Baxter
Smell the Coffee! Uncovering Java Analysis Issues Claire Knight, Malcolm Munro
Software Engineering by Source Transformation -- Experience with TXL James R. Cordy, Thomas R. Dean, Andrew J. Malton, Kevin A. Schneider
Static Slicing and Parametric Polymorphism David Byers, Mariam Kamkar
Type Infeasible Call Chains Amie L. Souter, Lori L. Pollock
Using Automated Source Code Analysis For Software Evolution Liz Burd, Stephen Rank
Using Data Flow Analysis to Infer Type Information in Java Bytecode Palolo Maggi, Riccardo Sisto

Mark Harman, Department of Information Systems and Computing, Brunel University, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 3PH.