Accepted Papers

A list of accepted papers, together with their full text (based on the permission of authors) and pointers to the authors home page (where available) will be posted here. This information is provided to maximize the chances for useful interactions at the working conference. (Incidentally, there is no significance in the order in which these papers appear on this page.)

  1. Atomic Source Code Features Can Cause Large Dependence Clusters
    Dave Binkley and Mark Harman
  2. Chopping Concurrent Programs
    Dennis Giffhorn
  3. Maintaining Code Metadata Regardless of Moving, Copying and Merging
    Christian Prause
  4. Improving Side-Effect Analysis with Lazy Access Path Resolving
    Ju Qian and Baowen Xu
  5. Rascal: a Domain Specific Language for Source Code Analysis and Manipulation
    Jurgen Vinju, Paul Klint and Tijs van der Storm
  6. An Assessment of Type-3 Clones as Detected by State-of-the-Art Tools
    Rebecca Tiarks, Rainer Koschke and Raimar Falke
  7. Evolution of Type-1 Clones
    Nils Göde
  8. Engineering Abstractions in Model Checking and Testing
    Michael Achenbach and Klaus Ostermann
  9. Concepts as syntactic sugar
    Valentin David and Magne Haveraaen
  10. Towards Comparing and Combining Points-to Analyse
    Tobias Gutzmann, Antonina Khairova, Jonas Lundberg and Welf Löwe
  11. A Metric Extraction Framework based on a High-Level Description Language
    El Hachemi Alikacem and Houari Sahraoui
  12. Recovering Grammar Relationships for the Java Language Specification
    Ralf Lämmel and Vadim Zaytsev
  13. Tracking Unique Program Statements
    Jaime Spacco and Chadd Williams
  14. An Evaluation of Current Java Bytecode Decompilers
    James Hamilton and Sebastian Danicic
  15. Static Estimation of Test Coverage
    Tiago Alves and Joost Visser
  16. Properties of Slicing Definitions
    Martin Ward
  17. thr2csp: Transforming Threads into Communicating Sequential Processes
    Robert Lange and Spiros Mancoridis

    Tools Demonstrations

  18. The FermaT Maintenance Environment
    Martin Ward
  19. A Value Analysis for C programs
    Benjamin Monate, Géraud Canet and Pascal Cuoq
  20. Backporting Java 5 Code
    Tobias Gutzmann and Tamara Steijger