Keynote Speaker

Paul Anderson, Grammatech, USA

Title: 90% Perspiration: Engineering Static Analysis Techniques for Industrial Applications

This talk will describe some of the engineering approaches that were taken during the development of GrammaTech’s static-analysis technology that have taken it from a prototype system with poor performance and scalability and with very limited applicability, to a much-more general-purpose industrial-strength analysis infrastructure capable of operating on millions of lines of code. A wide variety of code bases are found in industry, and many extremes of usage exist, from code size through use of unusual, or non-standard features and dialects. Some of the problems associated with handling these code- bases are described, and the solutions that were used to address them, including some that were ultimately unsuccessful, will be discussed.

Paul Anderson is Vice President of Engineering at Grammatech Inc., developers of the CodeSurfer/CodeSonar static analysis platform. Dr. Anderson received his B.Sc. from King’s College London, University of London and his Ph.D. from City University London. Dr. Anderson’s work has been reported in numerous articles, journal publications, book chapters, and international conferences.