15th IEEE International Working Conference on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation

27-28 September 2015 - Bremen, Germany

Marktplatz - Rathaus, Dom, Bürgerschaft bei Nacht by Jonas GInter Schlachte - Panorama am Abend by Dietmar Banck Bremer Weihnachtsmarkt - Stadtmusikanten by Carolin Hinz (BTZ)


9:00 9:15Conference Opening
9:15 10:30Keynote by Julia Lawall - Session Chairs: David Lo, Foutse Khomh
Analysis and Manipulation of Linux Kernel Source Code using Coccinelle
10:30 11:00Nutrition Break
11:00 12:30Session I: Empirical Studies I - Session Chair: Alexander Serebrenik
Dave Binkley, Nicolas Gold, Mark Harman, Syed Islam, Jens Krinke and Shin Yoo.
ORBS and the Limits of Static Slicing
Martin Brandtner, Philipp Leitner and Harald Gall.
Intent, Tests, and Release Dependencies: Pragmatic Recipes for Source Code Integration
Rodrigo Bonifacio, Fausto Carvalho, Guilherme Ramos, Uirá Kulesza and Roberta Coelho.
The Use of C++ Exception Handling Constructs: A Comprehensive Study
Mohammed Sayagh and Bram Adams.
Multi-layer Software Configuration - Empirical Study on Wordpress
12:30 1:30Lunch
1:30 3:30Session II: Tools Demos - Session Chair: Felienne Hermans
Eric J. Rapos, Andrew Stevenson, Manar H. Alalfi and James R. Cordy.
SimNav: Simulink Navigation of Model Clone Classes
Kunal Banerjee, Chittaranjan Mandal and Dipankar Sarkar.
A Translation Validation Framework for Symbolic Value Propagation based Equivalence Checking of FSMDAs
Gábor Szoke, Csaba Nagy, Lajos Jeno Fülöp, Rudolf Ferenc and Tibor Gyimothy.
FaultBuster: An Automatic Code Smell Refactoring Toolset
Stephan Renatus, Corrie Bartelheimer and Jörn Eichler.
Improving prioritization of software weaknesses using security models with AVUS
Luca Dariz, Massimiliano Ruggeri and Michele Selvatici.
A static microcode analysis tool for programmable solenoid drivers
Gergo Balogh, Attila Szabolics and Árpád Beszédes.
CodeMetropolis - Eclipse over the city of source code
3:30 4:00Nutrition Break
4:00 6:00Session III: Code Search and Navigation - Session Chair: David Shepherd
Otavio Lemos, Adriano de Paula, Hitesh Sajnani and Cristina Lopes.
Can the Use of Types and Query Expansion Help Improve Large-Scale Code Search?
Muslim Chochlov, Michael English and Jim Buckley.
Using Changeset Descriptions as a Data Source to Assist Feature Location
Mohammad Ghafari, Carlo Ghezzi and Konstantin Rubinov.
Automatically Identifying Focal Methods Under Test in Unit Test Cases
Dawn Lawrie and Dave Binkley.
Navigating Source Code with Words
Mohammad Masudur Rahman, Chanchal K. Roy and Iman Keivanloo.
Recommending Insightful Comments for Source Code using Crowdsourced Knowledge
6:30Leaving from the conference venue for the banquet at Schüttinger Gasthausbrauerei, a brew pub in downtown Bremen. 
Reachable by tram+a short walk in 45 mins. The banquet will start at 7:30 pm.

9:00 10:30Session IV: Static Analysis - Session Chair: Paul Anderson
Alexander Hueck, Christian Bischof and Jean Utke.
Checking C++ Codes for Compatibility with Operator Overloading
Jens Nicolay, Carlos Noguera, Coen De Roover and Wolfgang De Meuter.
Detecting Function Purity in JavaScript
Sandrine Blazy, Stephanie Riaud and Thomas Sirvent.
Data Tainting and Obfuscation : Improving Plausibility of Incorrect Taint
Efthimia Aivaloglou, David Hoepelman and Felienne Hermans.
A Grammar for Spreadsheet Formulas Evaluated on Two Large Datasets
10:30 11:00Nutrition Break
11:00 12:15Session V: Empirical Studies II - Session Chair: Chanchal K. Roy
Vincent Boisselle and Bram Adams.
The Impact of Cross-Distribution Bug Duplicates, Empirical Study on Debian and Ubuntu
Csaba Faragó, Péter Hegedűs and Rudolf Ferenc.
Cumulative Code Churn: Impact on Maintainability
Daniela Steidl and Florian Deissenboeck.
How Do Java Methods Grow?
12:15 1:30Lunch
1:30 3:30Session VI: (Code, Memory, Performance) Smells - Session Chair: Jurgen Vinju
Md Sami Uddin, Varun Gaur, Carl Gutwin and Chanchal K. Roy.
On the Comprehension of Code Clone Visualizations: A Controlled Study Using Eye Tracking
Wolfram Fenske, Sandro Schulze, Daniel Meyer and Gunter Saake.
When Code Smells Twice as Much: Metric-Based Detection of Variability-Aware Code Smells
Hengyang Yu, Xiaohua Shi and Wei Feng.
LeakTracer: Tracing Leaks Along the Way
Mohammadreza Ghanavati and Artur Andrzejak.
Automated Memory Leak Diagnosis by Regression Testing
Felipe A. P. Pinto, Uirá Kulesza and Christoph Treude.
Automating the Performance Deviation Analysis for Multiple System Releases: an Evolutionary Study
3:30 4:00Nutrition Break
4:00 5:15Session VII: Code and API Transformation - Session Chair: Raghavan Komondoor
Dierk Lüdemann and Rainer Koschke.
From Preprocessor-Constrained Parse Graphs to Preprocessor-Constrained Control Flow
Gustavo Santos, Nicolas Anquetil, Anne Etien, Stéphane Ducasse and Marco Tulio Valente.
Recording and Replaying System Specific, Source Code Transformations
Rahul Pandita, Raoul Jetley, Sithu Sudarsan and Laurie Williams.
Discovering Likely Mappings between APIs using Text Mining
5:15 5:30Conference Closing
5:30 6:00Open Steering Committee Meeting