Friday 30th September

09:00 Welcome
09:15 Keynote: Transformations for Abstractions
10:00 Break
10:30 Session 1 - Slicing
David Binkley, Mark Harman "Forward slices are smaller than backward slices"
Hyoung Seok Hong, Insup Lee, Oleg Sokolsky "Abstract Slicing: A New Approach to Program Slicing Based on Abstract Interpretation and Model Checking"
Attila Szegedi, Tibor Gyimóthy "Dynamic Slicing of Java Bytecode Programs"
David Binkley, Sebastian Danicic, Tibor Gyimóthy, Mark Harman, Ákos Kiss, Bogdan Korel "Minimal Slicing and the Relationships Between Forms of Slicing"
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Session 2 - Concept Location
Silvia Breu "Extending Dynamic Aspect Mining with Static Information"
Beat Fluri, Harald C. Gall, Martin Pinzger "Fine-Grained Analysis of Change Couplings"
Jeremy Singer "Concept Assignment as a Debugging Technique for Code Generators"
15:30 Break
16:00 Session 3 - Program Transformations I
Hongyu Zhang, Jeremy S. Bradbury, James R. Cordy, Juergen Dingel "Implementation and Verification of Implicit-Invocation Systems Using Source Transformation", and Slide
Markus Schordan, Daniel Quinlan "Specifying Transformation Sequences as Computation on Program Fragments with an Abstract Attribute Grammar"
Nerina Bermudo, Andreas Krall "Control Flow Graph Reconstruction for Reverse Compilation of Assembly Language Programs with Delayed Instructions"

Saturday 1st Oct

9:00 Session 4 - Pointer Analysis
Aiwu Shi, Gleb Naumovich "Static Analysis for Computing Escapability and Mutability for Java Components"
Richard Jones, Andy C. King "A Fast Analysis for Thread-Local Garbage Collection with Dynamic Class Loading"
Marcio Buss, Stephen A. Edwards, Bin Yao, Daniel Waddington "Pointer Analysis for Source-to-Source Transformations"
10:30 Break
11:00 Session 5 - Empirical Studies
Michael English, Jim Buckley, Tony Cahill, Kristian Lynch "Measuring the Impact of Friends on the Internal Attributes of Software Systems"
Steve Counsell, Stephen Swift, Allan Tucker, Emilia Mendes "Object-oriented cohesion as a surrogate of software comprehension: an empirical study"
12:00 Lunch
14:00 Session 6 - Program Transformations II
Shannon Xu, Thomas Dean "Transforming Embedded Java Code of JSP Pages into Custom Tags"
Bernadette Power, Geoff W. Hamilton "Declassification: Transforming Java Programs to Remove Intermediate Classes"
Paul Anderson "The Performance Penalty of XML for Program Intermediate Representations"
15:30 Concluding remarks
Discussion and Open Issues
Steering Committee Elections

Mark Harman, Department of Computer Science, King's College London, Strand, London WC2R 2LS.