Accepted Papers

A list of accepted papers, together with their full text (based on the permission of authors) and pointers to the authors home page (where available) will be posted here. This information is provided to maximize the chances for useful interactions at the working conference. (Incidentally, there is no significance in the order in which these papers appear on this page.)

  1. An Evaluation of Slicing Algorithms for Concurrent Programs
    Dennis Giffhorn, Christian Hammer

  2. The Programmer’s Lexicon, Volume I: The Verbs
    Einar W. Høst, Bjarte M. Østvold

  3. SQuAVisiT: A Software Quality Assessment and Visualisation Toolset
    Serguei Roubtsov, Alexandru C. Telea, Danny Holten

  4. Toward an Implementation of the Form Template Method Refactoring
    Nicolas Juillerat, Béat Hirsbrunner

  5. Barrier Slicing for Remote Software Trusting
    Mariano Ceccato, M. Preda, J. Nagra, C. Collberg, P. Tonella

  6. A Framework for Studying Clones In Large Software Systems
    Z. Jiang, Ahmed E. Hassan

  7. Quality Assessment for Embedded SQL
    H. Brink, R. Leek, J. Visser

  8. DATES: Design Analysis Tool for Enterprise Systems
    Cristina Marinescu

  9. On Temporal Path Conditions in Dependence Graphs
    Andreas Lochbihler, Gregor Snelting

  10. Towards Path-Sensitive Points-to Analysis
    T. Gutzmann, J. Lundberg, Welf Löwe

  11. Fast Approximate Matching of Programs for Protecting Libre/Open Source Software by Using Spatial Indexes
    A. Muller, T. Shinohara

  12. Extending Attribute Grammars with Collection Attributes - Evaluation and Applications
    Eva Magnusson, T. Ekman, Görel Hedin

  13. Relating the Evolution of Design Patterns and Crosscutting Concerns
    Lerina Aversano, Luigi Cerulo, Massimiliano Di Penta

  14. Reengineering Standard Java Runtime Systems through Dynamic Bytecode Instrumentation
    Walter Binder, J. Hulaas, P. Moret

  15. Extracting Meaning from Abbreviated Identifiers
    Dawn J. Lawrie, H. Feild, Dave Binkley

  16. An empirical study of the relationship of stability metrics and the QMOOD quality models over software developed using highly iterative or agile software processes
    P. Roden, S. Virani, L. Etzkorn, Sherri Messimer

  17. SUDS: An Infrastructure for Creating Bug Detection Tools
    Eric Larson

  18. Statement-Level Cohesion Metrics and their Visualization
    Jens Krinke

  19. An Integrated Crosscutting Concern Migration Strategy and its Application to JHOTDRAW
    Marius Marin, Leon Moonen, Arie van Deursen

  20. Source Code Composition with the Reuseware Composition Framework
    J. Johannes

  21. Finding program inputs that reach a target expression
    Matthew Naylor, Colin Runciman

  22. Improved Static Resolution of Dynamic Class Loading in Java
    Jason Sawin, Atanas Rountev