Accepted Papers

A list of accepted papers, together with their full text as submitted and pointers to the authors home page (where available) and email addresses will be posted here. This information is provided to maximize the chances for useful interactions at the workshop. (Incidentally, there is no significance in the order in which these papers appear on this page.)

  1. Syntactic Identifier Conciseness and Consistency
    Dawn J. Lawrie, Henry Feild and Dave Binkley

  2. A Comparative Study of Refactoring Haskell and Erlang Programs
    Huiqing Li and Simon Thompson

  3. Animated Visualisation of Static Analysis: Characterising, Explaining and Exploiting the Approximate Nature of Static Analysis
    Dave Binkley, Mark Harman and Jens Krinke

  4. Normalizing Metamorphic Malware Using Term Rewriting
    Andrew Walenstein, Rachit Mathur, Mohamed Chouchane and Arun Lakhotia

  5. Cross-language Program Analysis and Refactoring
    Dennis Strein, Hans Kratz, Welf Löwe

  6. AVal: an Extensible Attribute-Oriented Programming Validator for Java
    Carlos Noguera, Renaud Pawlak

  7. Abstract Interpretation of PIC programs through Logic Programming
    Kim Henriksen, John Gallagher

  8. Stop-list Slicing
    Keith Gallagher, Dave Binkley and Mark Harman

  9. Data Representation Alternatives in Semantically Augmented Numerical Models
    Michael Fagan, Laurent Hascoet and Jean Utke

  10. Evaluating C++ Design Pattern Miner Tools
    Lajos Fülöp, Tamás Gyovai and Rudolf Ferenc

  11. Graph-Less Dynamic Dependence-Based Dynamic Slicing Algorithms
    Árpád Beszédes, Tamás Gergely and Tibor Gyimóthy

  12. Factoring Differences for Iterative Change Management
    Michael Collard, Huzefa Kagdi and Jonathan Maletic

  13. Linking Analysis and Transformation Tools with Source-based Mappings
    Magiel Bruntink

  14. Evolving TXL
    Adrian D. Thurston and Jim Cordy

  15. Estimating the Run-Time Progress of a Call Graph Construction Algorithm
    Jason Sawin and Atanas Rountev

  16. Formal Specification and Verification of Java Refactorings
    Alejandra Garrido and Jose Meseguer

  17. SMART C: A Semantic Macro Replacement Translator for C
    Matthew Jacobs and E Christopher Lewis

  18. Bug Classification Using Program Slicing Metrics
    Kai Pan, Sunghun Kim and E. James Whitehead, Jr.

  19. Constructing Accurate Application Call Graph For Java To Model Library Callbacks
    Weilei Zhang and Barbara Ryder

  20. Prioritizing Software Inspection Results using Static Profiling
    Cathal Boogerd and Leon Moonen

  21. Tool Demonstration: The Silver Extensible Compiler Framework and Modular Extensions to Java and C
    Eric Van Wyk, Derek Bodin, Lijesh Krishnan, Phillip Russel and Eric Johnson